the one with baby Grayson

It was a gorgeous day! Simply beautiful, really. And made all the more better by a newborn. Baby Grayson arrived sweet as can be, just 13 days ago. I first met his mom and dad when I photographed their wedding back in 2006.

Casey + Alli

I have to confess how cool it was to go into their house and see my work up on walls, framed on desks and tables, just way cool. And now, after I deliver these images, I'll get more wall space! I mean HELLO! Just look at this adorable fellow! Oh, how I wish the web could offer scratch and sniff and you could partake of his sweet baby goodness! He still smelled fresh and new and oh, so sweet! I just wanted to cuddle him forever. But alas, there were images to be made!

This image above just says it all. Life is so hard when you are so adorable that no one leaves you alone. Yep. What a tough problem this little boy has. And what beautiful parents! The Lord has blessed Grayson tremendously by placing him in a house that serves our Lord! I still remember the speech/toast his daddy gave last summer at a wedding I photographed of one of his friends. Grayson's Daddy loves the Lord and will raise him with such a wonderful gift of knowing Him.

And I can't let this blog post go by without mentioning this little fellow. Westin is the PERFECT big bro to such a small baby. I arrived early, which is awful to do to a new mom, and Grayson was enjoying his chair but was stirring a bit while Mom was getting ready. Westin immediately went and got Alli before the wails could start and before I could even get him out of his chair! Such a good dog. And if Grayson is ever attacked by squirrels, this dog is the perfect buddy to have. He monitors every window and door and locks in with that terrier vision and saves the yard!

What a dog!

He was watching these two closely the entire time I was there.


And I only got to spend a little time, but Alli is such a good mom. She already knows what he wants and needs so well. And little things like burps and baby messes, she handles like a pro!

I was thrilled that Casey could come home for lunch and that I got to take one of the first family portraits. LOVE THIS!

Nothing like good baby sleep!

Thank you Zachry family for letting me get my baby fix on! He is absolutely precious!