Lady Pirates vs Sands

Way to jump Beka BROWN!

We played Sudan last night at home for another game of the Lady Pirate BB! I LOVE this game! Kent Sparkman was there photographing the Slaton Boys BB Games as they took on Cooper and it was great to shoot with him. Go and view his work on his website. You can order photos as well and I encourage you to do so. As photographers we value what you think and if you buy photos, well, we think you like what we do.

Kent, I placed an order today of my BALLAH! Thanks so much.


As always, w

is where Lady Pirate BB lives on my site.

We killed Sands.


Dustin Wall (good Slaton boy) is on the coaching staff there and he informed me that they are in a rebuilding season. They graduated several seniors off the team from last year.

I'm not sure why, being 40 points up, Coach Hilliard didn't play more from his bench. I'm sure he'll let the girl's know why. And he knows the girls and this team and we have to trust what he does.

BUT coming from a mother's point of view, it's frustrating. I remember a game last year, Summer Zoe played Brownfield, and it was Coach Merkell's first year EVER as a coach and we KILLED THEM.

She got chewed out by parents, intensely CHEWED OUT, to where I was extremely shocked at how a parent can be in public. And I'm married to Devin.

so last night I sat on my hands and chewed my tongue and remembered he had the job of coach, not me. And he knows what's best for the team, not me.

But I still yearned for my daughter to play.

I'm sure she yearned too.