care package

I'm in the top right hand corner in that pink dress with white collar.

Mom sent a care package yesterday that was a "blast from the past". She's finally unpacking after years of living in the mountains. And she came across some of my things so she mailed them.

You should have heard the kids laugh. They thought I was adorable.

and funny.

I'm 2nd row, 3rd from left.

I circled my BEST friends on this one.

I went to school briefly in Madera CA. Product of divorced parents, we lived and moved. 2nd row from the top, I'm the 5th from the left. Skip a person in between and you'll see Esther. My best friend while I lived there. We were pen pals for years.

2nd row from top, first in line.

What a shirt!

2nd row, first position.

The teacher above me? BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD! I like to say she's the reason I became a teacher. But I didn't stay one, so it would do a de-service to her and her profession if I said that now. But La Vita Lou Pritchard ROCKED.

She could write upside down and backwords.

Taught us every word from the soundtrack of Grease.

LOVED each and every kid she had in class and made you feel like you were her NUMBER 1.

We did a potato theme one semester and it was so cool.

We went on TV with our dental hygiene thing. I was the cheese. (don't say a thing, folks)

I loved 6th grade. She made me feel special when I felt invisible.