>LUBBOCK WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Andrew and Brittani's rehearsal

>After the luncheon, Toni and I went shopping and I must say, DILLARD's in Amarillo has the BEST deals on shoes! At least they did that day. I'm wearing the pair of suede blue blowfish shoes I bought that day and I adore! Thank you, Toni for pointing them out. Toni's is a good friend of mine that happens to be a photographer. Brittani and Andrew chose a 2nd photog for their collection and they will be so glad they did. I can handle a wedding on my own, no problem. I've been doing this for years folks. YEARS. I won't say how many because I will fill old an frumpy and that is NOT the way I feel when looking at these images.

Brittani and Andrew's rehearsal was wonderful. A beautiful night, just enough nip in the air to make you want to squeeze your sweetie. The restaurant had wonderful light for us to play with and we had AWESOME dinner guests! You guys rocked the sarcasm and kept the laughs coming. You know who you are and more of your great dance moves on the wedding sneak peek. LOL
If you are thinking of adding a 2nd photographer to your wedding collection, I would highly recommend it. You get 2 point of views, 2 different stories of your day. One stays with the bride and the other goes with the groom, so pre-formals are a breeze and move quickly. It's your day and you want to spend it with the people you love. So think of 2nd coverage shooting if you have a busy day with events for both you and your guy.
off soap box and onto the images!

The shot above is of Brittani and her 2 dads rehearsing that walk down the aisle! Such a great moment!