>Laurie + Austin (the rehearsal)

>Beautiful place, I'm telling you. BEAUTIFUL! Hot yes, but it's worth it for vistas and views like this. I have so much to share from this weekend. So much. But sleep first. I'm in Dallas and just got back from Laurie + Austin's wedding, which I will blog Monday, but I had never written anything after I posted these rehearsal photos.

I have an e-session tomorrow that should be AWESOME! So excited about all the possibilities of shooting in downtown and around.
Also, WE ARE MOVING on Tuesday! So, if I'm hard to get a hold of, THIS IS WHY. But other than that, enjoy the rehearsal sneak peek. :)

This is Dexter rockin' the faux-hawk. LOVE these kids! They are so adorable.

Beautiful location for a wedding, I must say. And after getting to know these two a bit, I think it's perfect.

Lots of laughs, and sweet Laurie has a laugh that barrels out of her and surprises you! I loved it!

Oh, the beautiful pictures we will take tomorrow. I can't wait!!!

It seems like more and more rehearsals feature a cheesy slideshow and it's quickly becoming my favorite part of shooting rehearsals. FYI, if you are having a wedding that require travels by me, I include rehearsal dinner coverage at no extra charge. Just my way of saying thanks. After-all, out of town couples pay my traveling expenses, so the least I can do, is start to get to know everyone better.