>Anna + Nick (friday)

>How cute is this munchkin? ADORABLE!

I'm in Austin photographing Anna and Nick's wedding and having such a fun time with this bunch. I photographed her sister's wedding last summer and Anna and Molly (bride from Feb.) are good friends, so some of the same friends from Molly + Steven's wedding, are involved with this wedding and it's so much fun! Just a good group of people.
Yesterday, it was rainy and kinda chilly but just in time for Anna's luncheon, the sun broke and the skies were blue! The church is AWESOME, the city is AWESOME! I just know the wedding day will be awesome.
Here's the FRIDAY sneak peek.
Our beautiful Anna.
I thought this was cute.
Beautiful skies for a great day!
The Koch women (L-R), Sally, Laura, Anna and their mom, Barbara.

Funny moment.
Love this moment of them!
This is Nick's mom and dad. Everyone is definitely enjoying getting to know one another. :)
The little people enjoying their time.
HA! Dad checking out theitineraryfor the day.
The exchanged gifts at the church. Him, a watch, her more diamonds!
The beautiful couple!
Onto the food! Dinner was at the Shoreline Grill. Beautiful setting.
II couldn't keep my lens away from all the flowers.

It's always so important to get the key players in this wedding. I simply love this moment between Nick's mom and dad. She was nervous about getting her picture taken, many people are, but if you can get people to relax and just sink into the moment, you get some wonderful images.
Too cute, right before we took this, Anna tied Barbara's shrug. This is her mom and dad.

This is Laura and Jason, Anna's sister. It's great to work for the same family. They are pros at the "take my picture" thing. :)
Of course, my favorite part of the rehearsal is the slideshow! The toasts/roasts are good and they were very good with this bunch, but the slideshow is a great time to get wonderful moments of those key people watching.

Oh, great moment! Tears and laughter all rolled into one!

This image was made after Nick has given his "speech". He was very professional, but you could hear the break in his voice when he spoke of Anna. I love how everyone behind them aren't aware and it was a great feeling ofgratefulnessbetween them.
And last, but not least, the "newlyweds", Steven and Molly! It was great seeing them!