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>Merry Christmas!

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I can't believe I only took 10 photos. Geez. And I call myself a photographer. LOL Christmas has come and gone and yes, we still have some more family celebrating to do, but our family Christmas is over. It was so great! And relaxing, too. Here's photos of the stash. The girl's really made a killing off Santa this year. :)
This little guy showed up on the tree. Kalyn had an ornament exchange party to go to several weeks ago and fell in love with him. I went back to Target and bought him and hid him on the tree. Very cute.

I thought it would be cool to take photos of the SWAG these girls collected. So many different things on this couch. Would make a good "I see it" book page. You know?
My butt is so sore from this thing! But it's so addicting! And scary too, when you first step on. You do a BMI and it weighs you and just WOW! Needless to say, I think my butt will see alot of this thing in the next few weeks. I have to lose some weight.
I thought this was a great teenager shot. Her new iTouch along with a make up brush and her braces! LOL

I wonder how many trash bags this will take?

This was fun to open! My dad wrapped shot glasses up with $50 bills rolled up inside! Now those are shots I'd take any time. LOL

Merry Christmas everyone!