I have a 15 year old

and she's absolutely adorable!

I took these of Miss Marie on our drive home from Dallas last weekend. We were taking the scenic route through Mineral Wells to visit the Barker Hotel. (more blogging on that later) We were about 45 miles from the turnoff to HW 84 when I found this old building with the BEST color and texture and I just had to turn around and shoot on it.

We've had a hard week. Kalyn (and Cooper) lost a friend this week. Kelsey Vines was killed in a tragic accident Tuesday, the day before Kalyn's birthday. It's hard to feel excited about being 15 when you and those around you are sad. Very sad.

I'm sitting at home, just returned from Kelsey's viewing and these pictures make me smile. Kelsey would like them. She LOVED photography and laughing.

Happy Birthday, Kalyn Maire.

We will miss you, Kelsey.