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Kristin Bednarz2 Comments

>I've never photographed one of these. I've always wanted to, I've just never had the chance. Well, I got my chance! Mercedes and my oldest daughter Kalyn have been very good friends for quite some time. Kalyn was chosen as one of Mercedes's attendants in her Court this past Saturday. She celebrated her 15 birthday with a mass and dinner and dance and we had so much fun!

You can view her sneak peek by clicking HERE.
You photograph one of these just like wedding. Lots of laughter and much of the morning was spent getting ready just like a bride would.
She approves of the hair do!
Kalyn and Mercedes enjoying their morning. It's not every day a sports girl like this gets her hair and nails done.
Loved this t-shirt! So true, the attitude that it. :)
The girl can not be serious when forced to be beautiful. sigh
Check those curls out! WOW!
I loved this view of Mercedes desk. A girl after my own heart! LOVE that she LOVES Stephanie Meyers! woo hoo!
A the front porch is holding a part of her youth! She may be a queen of the Quincenera today, but normally she's queen of the soccer field.
Cute expression putting on makeup.
Mom helping Dad get dressed. Mercedes is their only child, so this was a HUGE emotional day for them both. A letting go of sorts.
Lacing up the dress!
Just a bit more. I think this expression was from the comment "someone didn't flush". Yep. We were in the stall of the restroom.
First heels for some of these teenagers! Kalyn Marie is in the middle. I soooo love these shoes she picked out and wish I could still wear heels. :)
LOL She wore these short UNDER that gown!!!!
Detail shot at the church.
Proceeding into mass.
On the spot by herself and answering the questions about the 7 sacraments in the Catholic Church. She got them all!

Cute moment with her sponsors. :) They presented the gifts.
An emotional part of the mass for mom. We passed this kleenex down the row of maids all the way to Mom.
more detail shots
even more

Peace be with you and LET's PARTY!
Teenagers know how to ROCK loud! They get that from their ultra cool parents, by the way.

Beautiful detail of the back of her gown. I thought it looked amazing with her skin!
Being escorted into the reception.
Receiving her tiara from mom.
A very nervous Dad! But they did great!

Teenagers crack me up. They danced together and they all did very well, but it was so funny how they wouldn't really look at each other. LOL

These two hardly ever left the dance floor!
Everybody danced! And Danced!
and Danced!
They had soooo much fun! Me too!

Even the moms and dads got in on the fun!

What a great night! Thanks so much Mary and Manuel! You have a great daughter, so pat yourselves on the back! You've done something right! :)