>jennifer + eric (the rehearsal)

I'm back from Austin and zonked! What a weekend! I had so much fun at Jennifer and Eric's wedding and seeing old friend's from different places just made my year. It seriously did. I work so many weekends I don't have the chance to do normal things with friends. I don't go to many movies, or dinners, and celebrations. I work.

So, this weekend, since Eric and Jennifer are a Lubbock/Slaton couple, there were many people I knew and loved there. It felt so good to visit and catch up and just be a part of their celebration.

It was a GREAT wedding weekend with so many laughs and plenty of "new memories" for that journal, Avery. :)

Here's a quick sneak peek from the rehearsal night. We had dinner at this great restaurant and then went back to the 4 Seasons for fireworks and fun. On a side note, I took a dive on the sidewalk and skinned up both my knees pretty badly. I'm such a klutz! But I sacrificed the knees for the my gear. Didn't want to wreck any of my stuff. :)