>for alyson

>I'm so tired right now I can't keep my eyes open. sigh But I know I'm drying Alyson crazy with the wait. I'll try and keep it brief, but it's so hard! Enjoy! And I'll write more later, when I can hold my lids open.


BACK in glory! Coffee in hand, ready to discuss, talk, share and link, Alyson and Matt's wedding.

This was a great day, folks. From the sun coming out just for the wedding to the calm attitude of the bride. Seriously laid back bride who didn't even freak out when the veil was ripped off the comb and redone by the hairstylist and her mom! LOL

ceremony: Hyatt Hill Country Resort at the Luckenbach Pavillion
flowers: Garden Abloom
music: Monte Vista Strings

I would highly recommend this resort as a place to unwind relax and get fat because of the amazing food. YUM! I had a great time, Alyson and Matt and thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of your day. It was sweet and relaxing and I'm so happy you two are together. Now go and tag yourselves on face book, although I bet you already did!

As usual, more on their online gallery.