>I'm home from the wedding and realized that I needed to blog NJHS (Nationl Junior Honor Society) before I blogged the wedding or the Graduate Session I did last night. Have to remain faithful to the timeline, folks.

Kalyn was inducted last year, and Summer Zoe, this year. Kalyn's grade hosted the event which was short, sweet, to the point, yet still fun.

Oh, Summer Zoe is quickly becoming a teenager. Check these girls out!

This was too cute. This young man was giving the vows to the 7th grade class and told them to repeat after me. Well, he started saying the first few words, and they didn't repeat. They just sat there. He got tickled, the kids got tickled, the audience got tickled. Great ice breaker!

Receiving her pin and award.

This is Hannah. She lived down the road and her and Summer Zoe have been friends for 4 years! I LOVE it when they get together. Hannah has the BEST voice ever. In fact, we save her messages on our answering system, just to listen to them. The best Texas drawl EVER! The girl could win awards with her voice.

I told her to look "honorable". LOL

I'll end this thread with some 8th grade cheer. From L-R, Hanna, Beka, Boo, Kalyn and Danielle. By far, some of my favorite goobers in the world. :)

High school won't know what hit them!