>red river day 2


We are ZONKED! High altitude? laying around a cabin? Who knows? But there's some good sleeping going on. :) The shot above is Devin's dad, whom we affectionately call "Chief". Everyone does. We are now playing a game, because the Bednarz family is SO competitive, called "who snores the quickest". LOL

Our cabin is 2 story and the kids are all upstairs with their own little mini kitchen and stuff. They pulled a mattress off one of the beds and it's wall-to-wall slumber party up there. They are having a blast! And each and every one of them is skiing soooo good! Jack of course has the snow plow down. He can do the side to side and turn, but prefers the bullet to the bottom. LOL I'm going to try and get skiing photos today, but for now, my tubing pictures will have to do.

Having a great time! We return tomorrow and then Kalyn's soccer team has a tournament in the Arlington area Easter Weekend, so it's wash the underwear and pack again. Life is good.