>you've missed them

>I never thought I could enjoy a CRAZY rushed, day as much as I do when I have that CRAZY rushed day with this bunch of kids. I wish I had more pictures to show you of these two with my girls and I will make it a point to really get some of the 4 of them together soon and share them with you. They are really enjoying this one time per week that we get together.

For you long time blog readers, this is Dalton and Kate, Elizabeth's kids. I switched with Julie this week and got them on Monday instead. I remember when Devin (my husband) and I were discussing where we would live and how we wanted to do things for our kids. Well, one BIG thing for me was that my children know their family. I grew up, due to a divorce, not knowing my cousins very well. Or aunts and uncles for that matter. The USA was just too big to spend quality time with any of them. We still got to see them at Holidays or funerals, but it wasn't the same as really knowing them. It was important to me that my children know their family. And I LOVE that Dalton, Kate, Kalyn and Summer are getting a piece of that goodness in life. I LOVE that the human heart is BIG enough to grow and stretch to include all their cousins and family and that there are still some happy times left in this world together.

Many happy times.

Enjoy this little glimpse of a "happy time".