>ashley + clell

Ashley + Clell were married Saturday night, the weekend of the Sausagefest. Which is so fitting because Ashley is a "Kitten" and everyone who is anyone in Slaton knows that Kittens, Bednarz's, Heinrich's, and 1/2 dozen other German Families are BIG when it comes to Sausagefestivals. So, Saturday we celebrated them and Sunday, the majority of the Germans, went to the festival. Me? Sunday was my birthday and I celebrated with Kalyn (and family) in Midland, watching Lonestar kill some Midland team. Happy Birthday! LOL

Her wedding was at Christ the King Church and it's been a while since I've photographed there. They've removed the wall behind the altar and I must say the effect for photographs is wonderful. Quite lovely. But see for youself! Long post because Ashley is a Slaton/St. Joseph Girl, and dang it, it's my blog!

On a side note, please say a prayer while looking at these for Ashley's mom. She had just gotten out of surgery the DAY before her wedding. Yep. She needs a prayer!