>my girls


Okay, so I never blogged Valerie's wedding and I really have TONS of other photos to show you too, as well, but my days have been so packed with kids getting ready for school, there's really no time. I think I will miss my kids terrible when they venture off the first day. After all, with them will go several hundered dollars of cute clothes purchased in a frenzy at the mall. That was yesterday. And those will have to be washed next week. But the "photography" Kristin will be so stoked to sit down UNINTERRUPTED and work, work, work on images that need to be worked on!

They've been darlings really, they have. And we've enjoyed our days together, but I'm definitely used to working at home ALONE and this summer helped me realize that I can't get that time back. I can't. It's not possible. And with all the things that took place this summer, they needed me. And I needed them.

They are total goof balls that are all rolled into wonderfullness and adventure, with a big gob of imagination mixed in. I love my goober girls!

PS. Yep. They are having fun with this laptop. geez... wait...I'm in there too. I'll admit it. It takes a goober to know one.