>the rehearsal

I'm back at First United Methodist Church for another fabulous wedding! Brittany and Tyler are getting married today and I'm heading out the door, almost as I type to meet the guys for some golf. Well, they will play, I will shoot. That's always fun for some nervous swings, let me tell you.

I've been slowly getting caught up after Elizabeth's funeral and really doing alot of thinking about purpose and life and most of all time. Not that anything will change drastically in my work schedule or anything, but simply being aware and present in your day to day tasks, and really giving your all to that task, mainly for the Glory of HIM. That's the best way to put it.

Another thing I've been thinking about it is all the ways to approach this craft I love, from both mind and spirit. I've always loved the images that speak to me emotionally, and I need to remember to fill myself up with those once in a while. Instead of what I think my client wants or needs. It's about being true to yourself in your shooting. I hope I can explain a bit without confusing myself. I tend to do that when I try and verbalize or spell. Sometimes I understand it in the fog of my brain so much better.

When looking through the lens, the feeling, the essesnce of what you do and shoot, it has to be of YOU. A part of you must come through and does when I pull that camera back up to my fat cheeks. I love shooting! I do! I could do it all day long. I lvoe that feeling I feel when I'm witnessing a moment between humans, and I'm snapping those moments and thinking how cool is that second is forever remembered.

A danger involved in that blessing we have in witnessing, is when you let others seep into those threads on your filter and effect what you are making. Sometimes we let what we read on a message board or what our competition has done or is doing at the moment, and let that affect what we are taking and thus it doesn't allow for that image to be REAL. Sure it happened, but we tend to think more than just become as the shutter is pressed, and I'm not saying some thinking shouldn't be involved. It must! I mean, we do have to make sure it's in focus and hey...they aren't big black blobs in the viewfinder. LOL But what I'm trying to ramble about here, is there are so many ways to photograph that moment, and what makes the image speak to you and most of all to the individual you are photographing, is that it's a part of YOU and them that is true.

It's fine to be inspired by others, but stay true to yourself in what you are capturing and seeing. This is where the joy in the craft is involved. This is where that inner part is enjoyed. Don't forget the inner part! It's what moves inside of you when you see a great image. And hopefully, a great image you took.

stepping off the soap box.

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I could spend hours in this church photographing the stained glass.