the one with some summer time memories

In the midst of finding out about Elizabeth last Wednesday, and even though we knew it was coming, it hurts all the same. We've lived in our home since Summer, my youngest, was 6 months old. She is now 11. We love living out in the country and sometimes rarely brush our hair or get dressed. I love working in my pj's.

Something is changing about our surroundings, though. And I'm very excited!

We are getting neighbors.

And not just any neighbors either! A Bednarz Family is moving in down the road! Chris and Keri Bednarz and their kids, Braxton, Sydni, Mayci, Braedon, and Brady, will be our new neighbors just right down the road.

We can play together, ride bikes together and I'm even more excited that my very good friend, Keri will be within walking distance from me. Just right there. I can grab my bible and a diet coke and make the trek to her house.

So cool.

The following images were taken the night Elizabeth died. The light was beautiful!