>brittany + jordan (the wedding)

I had been looking forward to this wedding the 2nd I met Brittany. And then when I photographed her good man, Jordan, and discovered how uniquely, goofy and adorable all at the same time he was, (especially when he's paired with her), well, that just sealed the deal for me. They are the top of the YUM iceberg for me. Totally!

Saturday, they got married out at Spirit Ranch, in Lubbock, Texas. And it was a perfect day for a wedding! I'll warn you now! LOTS OF IMAGES! To see their complete gallery, click HERE.

To Brittany and Jordan, thanks for being true to yourselves and true to your hearts, but most important, true to the path God has given you both. I gained so much from our time together and so enjoyed your WEDDING CELEBRATION! It truly was a worship service.

I'll call you soon!

Okay, a little explanation is necessary on the photo above. NOTE TO FUTURE BM'S attending weddings at Spirit Ranch. The peacocks rule the roosts and yes they are beautiful, but their poo rules the grounds. The caretakers clean the pathways, sure...but the grass? Nope. Poor Amy. Wet, warm, and between the toes!

poo'd again...

Last dance of the night, and guess what played? Marvin Gaye's, Let's Get it On. LOL Jordan jamming to the music with his gorgeous bride!