>I think I'll go to Boston


I'm in Boston! YEP! And it's gorgeous! The zipper on my wedding pants broke and I forgot my razor, but I don't care! I'm in Boston! Did you read that? I'm in BOSTON!

Way cool...

Kate is marrying Dave tomorrow, but tonight we had such a great time together, enjoying family and friends, and getting to know each other.

This is Dave's grandpa. Quite a "spit fire" if you know what I mean. LOL

This little guy is giving me a run for my money! I better hope he doesn't grow up and move to Lubbock!

The wedding takes place tomorrow at Wellsley College, which is where Kate attended. It is BEAUTIFUL! Old world style, with such charachter and amazing glass. I'm so excited, because you seriously can not take a bad shot in this place. WOW!

Aren't they just the cutest! Dave gave me the personal tour of Boston from the hotel to the rehearsal last night. I have to come back some day and really soak in this city!