>easter 2007

>Oh, wow! It was so good to spend time with family we love and to also get a perk or two in there for the photographer's soul, too. (I photographed a Hindu wedding!!!)

We arrived in time for Brooke's soccer game, but it was too cold to photograph, and plus, they lost with a huge point margin that I would never in a million years post. This is my sweet niece Brooke by the way...

She is growing into such a sweet young lady! I have several God children in my life and I pray for them all daily. (usually in the shower, but that is way too much information.) I don't see them all near enough, but the prayers I offer to God, to keep them safe and to specifically pray for the friends around them, their teachers, their parents, even their future spouses, well, when you spend time with them, however brief it is, and see the work that God can do in their lives. Gosh! It's such a blessing to be involved! It really is!

She's strong, and such a fighter, yet knows how to let her hair down and have fun with her cousins. She's definitely a girl, but not a "fru-fru" girl. She's the perfect balance of "sugar and spice and everything nice".

I mainly had time to hang with the crew on Friday as Saturday was given to a wedding. (I'll post more on that later.) First, my hip-hop, slowly loving the camera hubby. Yep. I'm shamelessly blogging him again. This is becoming a habit. Hmm...maybe a future book project?

Can't you just fee the "base" in his head as his "tude" exudes from every pore? Can't you?

Of course I didn't take near enough photographs, as sometimes, that seems like such a chore! HA But I had a great time spending time with them all the same.

Jack, my nephew getting his "tude" on.

Summer getting her "tude", too. LOL

We were at the Plano Sports Plex, watching Jack's game and with the 5d and 50 1.2, well, plenty of light! I sure love that about this lens! So, I took the opportunity to have a mine "ANTM" shoot out with my girls!

They had this cool red wall, upstairs, where you could sit and eat food and watch the games. I think they called it "above the net".

Happy Easter Everyone!