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Yesterday, was district track meet. A little back history for those of you that do not know my daughter, Kalyn.

She hates to run.

Yep. It's always like this in life, huh? Those with the gift of speed usually hate to use it. This is her.

So, she runs the 800 and the mile, and she runs very well. So, well, in fact, that she was just 8 seconds off the 7th grade school record. I'd love to come on here and say that she beat the record, but she didn't. She did even better, character wise. And as a mom that prays for character in her children, it's even better.

She finished. Yep. We aren't quitters, and she desperately wanted to quit track just a couple of weeks in. But she didn't. She finished, and I so very proud of her! The first place was just a bonus.

Here's a few pics of the day!

Lauren, aka "boo" is a good friend of Kalyn's and I must confess, one of the reasons these meets are bearable to both Kalyn Marie and ME. She's definitely one to entertain! We LOVE YOU BOO!

This is Brittney, right before the mile relay and running with an injury. She did great, and kept our team in the lead, but gosh! I don't think that thumb felt too good.

Way to go Cooper Pirates! We are so proud of you!!!

View all the track photographs I managed to take, by clicking HERE.