>san antonio

>Our first family vacation.


We took the kids down to San Antonio for just a few nights. I booked our hotel Sunday night after I got home from Haley and Austin's wedding.

FIRST MISTAKE. never book hotel room online while tired.

Yep. After 6 hours of driving, we arrive, only to find our hotel room is only for 1, not 4. I had booked a "studio suite". Do you know what that is? Yep. A very tiny double bed in a room only big enough for you and your luggage. So, several hours later, several phone calls later and we are at the Residence Inn Alamo. YEAH! Hot breakfast in the morning. Very important with Bednarz's.

So, we woke up sort of early Thursday and headed to Sea World. We really didn't have an agenda this vacation. We only knew that we really needed to go on one because our kids constantly remind us that we have never done that EVER for just us. JUST the 4 of us in a hotel room without a soccer ball.

So no agenda, but plenty of fun!

Because I am a professional photographer and definitely know how to take photographs, plese understand, I thought I was doing soooo good. But, because Sea World freely distributes beers to their patrons over 21, please understand, THIS IS WHY I DO NOT DRINK AT YOUR WEDDING. Did I document our vacation? Yep. But not very well! Geez...I went to gather photos for this blog and realized I suck at the famly vacation photographer roll. I'm giving it to the kids next time.

Kalyn and Me

Summer and me

The girls after getting our Season Passes. Yep, the maketing at Sea World works wonders on tired hot parents. Sure! We'll bring the kids again this year! LOL

Summer standing by a Clydesdale. She absolutely adores horses!

Waiting outside some sort of show/ride. This got to be a pretty much what we did all day, so this one picture is to document that. K? Enjoy!

Me and the girls with our cool, 4D glasses inside the 4D Pirate show. Very cool show. Six Flags over Texas in Dallas has a similar show, so this stuff is wonderful! Air conditioning AND something cool.

Ahh...another thing we did most of the day. Look at the map. See where we are going, see where we've been, try to figure out what we are doing.

I love this shot! It's what I saw most of the day. The backs of my kids bodies, begging us to hurry. Ahh...true vacation bliss.

The ceiling of the penguin place was pretty cool. After watching Happy Feet a few months back, I really didn't enjoy seeing these little guys all bottled up like that. Kinda depressing. Just not enough space, nor deep enough. Right? But hey, what's the alternative? Swim for open sea and get eaten? Hmm....

Food. This was a problem. Everyone wanted to eat during the same 3 hour period and this park, seriously did not have enough places. I went to the Roasted Corn hut and this tied us over until Hooters at midnight! LOL

Can you see the heat in my face? Yep...great show though! This is before we watched the Sea Lions. They were my favorite!

Ahhh....the HOLY GRAIL! I did mention the Hospitality House for patrons over 21?

Devin and I waiting at some sort of show...maybe water skiing? Not sure. They were all running together at this point. HA!

Okay, this is where my documentation gets really bad. For the next few hours, I took nothing but pictures of me and Devin. I was trying to find my "favorite side of my face". All my clients hear me ask them this, "what is your favorite side?" Well, we had plenty of time to kill, a camera and me trying to find mine. I think this is it. My right side. Yep....definitely it.

This was the show "Believe". The set was so pretty! HUGE and quite colorful and the sound was amazing! But the Killer Sharks? Uh...OK. I still liked the sea lions better.

The girls before the show.

and being silly....waiting will do this to you.

More later! Right now, catching up on phone calls, emails and all sorts of wet laundry! LOL

Glad to be home!