>my favorite things

>Kinda like Oprah, you know? My Cyber Sisters Blog topic of the week is "your 5 Favorite Things", so here they are in no order of importance. Remember, these are things, and only things. But they mean so much to me and my weekly life.

In 2004 I had a car wreck and ruined my earthly chance of wearing high heels. Yep. In Heaven, I'm Pamlea Lee Anderson in stilettos. LOL I loved wearing heels to weddings and clicking around and just plain enjoying the process of being a girl. Well, since the "leg problems", shoes have become a form of comfort and necessaity for walking. Flipflops can not be done long term in the day due to ankle trouble so in 2005 I found KEENS. I LOVE THEM! I've had this pair for 2 years now and I wear them almost everyday. They feel great, and yes they look like lesbian shoes, but hey, comfort. Remember? Comfort.


My IPOD is another BIG weekley favorite of mine. And not only on the ipod itself, but on itunes. I spend an incredible amount of time on the computer, home alone, and itunes is my office. It is a wonderful place to listen and keep up with cool stuff in the world. AND the fact that it synchs with my pod is a double plus. My inlaws, David and Davida bought me mine for Christmas and I LOVE how I can put photos, TV shows, Grey's Weekley Podcast, etc.


I use baby oil each and every time I step into the shower. I've done this since highschool and love the way my legs and body feel and just love the smell! It's a wonderful way to feel great and not that expensive either.

My computer or any techno stuff in general is a favorite thing for me. Seriously, since Atari and Intellivision of my youth, I've always been attracted to gadget things. I love them! And I'm on my computer and phone (8125 PDA/phone) all the time. I stay connected that way. I'm currently using a Dell computer and laptop with the girls having the cool ibooks, but not for long baby. I love everything apple! And if they designed a car, I'd buy it too.

Okay, the BIC Ultra Round Stick Grip is my other 5 favorite thing in my weekly world. I love this pen! I have since college. I write a bunch during the day and despite it leaking once in a while I buy these pens in bulk from Office Depot. Nope. Not Sams. They quit carrying the blue and it's the only one I love. Notice the Composition book beneath the pen? Very important. Do not carry spirals and you will tend to lose your notes and it develops those very annoying "snaky" things that come from tearing out sheets of paper. Compostion books from Target are da bomb! I carry one with me almost everywhere and use it to journal about my life, my loves, etc. I even journaled about my 5 Favorite Things in there. Seriously, ask Steph.