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I spent the better part of yesterday driving to San Angelo to meet Leslie and Ronnie. These two are tying the knot this summer and I couldn't be happier for them. I meet many of my clients before the e-session, but many times it's just by phone and email and I have to get a mental picture in my head of what the couple will be like and wonder how they will be together.

I was sooooo NOT disapointed in these two! They were adorable together and just plain happy and at ease. I love that! When we added Jessica and Wayne, Ronnie's kids, it only made the bunch bigger and better.

Can't wait till the wedding!

Cyber Sista interruption... doesn't Lelise remind you of one of us? Huh? Does she? I was so getting a Kenda vibe on this one. Seriously. And I haven't forgotten about the topic of the week! And each and every one of you was totally right. It's sooooo hard for me.