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>too much fun

Kristin BednarzComment

>I'm having a blast with these BIG images and feel so releived now that I know how to do it! So much better BIG.

I was just doing a test earlier with the post about the actions, and didn't intend to really leave it up, but got several emails, and a phone call about it, so here it is AGAIN.

This is the original ADORABLE image of Brook and Brian. Fine just as it is.

And here it is with a Totally Rad BOUTWELL Action applied.

I then dialed down the opacity of the action, to bring in more color.

All are a great way to showcase a great image. To view or purchase these actions for your editing, simply click HERE. The Boutwells are an AWESOME husband and wife team in Southern Cal that are just ULTRA cool.

I will warn you right now about their blog, Totally Addicting!