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My first wedding of the year! And I couldn't be more excited! Well, I guess I could be more excited with a week's vacation somewhere on a beach, but hey? If you can't do that, what's the next best thing? Yep...a wedding. (a collective groan from my hubby as he reads this. HA)

On to my favorites.

Quick blogging note. I will talk about the images BEFORE you see them. I had several readers inform me of proper blogging procedure. Hey, forgiveness dude. When I was working on the newspaper, we put the tag line BELOW the photo. But hey, I'm all about easy, so here it goes.

The wedding is at First Church and something I hate about First Church is that we have to stay in the balcony or back of church during the wedding. As photographers, we can't stand not being a part of the action. The faces, the emotions. UGH! I understand the rules. I'm sure someone many moons ago, stood about 1 foot from couple and fired a flash so powerful it was seen around the world, hence, the balcony.

This is Amber and her dad.

Someone told a "funny" and I'm thinking as I took this, bravo! Many of the maids looked a bit nervous and could have really used a laugh. After this, it flowed freely.

Something I love about First Church is the loveliness. You feel like you are in a city far away, almost a fairy tale perhaps. That is until the bus around the corner drives by. Just can't hear them inside the sanctuary. It sure is lovely, though.

Okay, I so wish I could be up at this angle during the ceremony today. TJ was making the most hilarious faces when going through his "practice vows".

Amber's Mom and Dad.

He definitely makes her happy. And I'm all about the HAPPY.

I'll post more tonight when I get home from today!

On a side note, DEPRESSED.

Cowar is retiring from my absolute favorite team of all time. The Steelers.

A moment of silence, please.