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>Happy New Year!

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I'm at the in laws surfing the web and decided to post a Happy New Year's post.
I've been thinking alot of photography and where I want to go and do with this "hobby" of mine. I just love taking pictures, but do have to admit that the stress of deadlines, and Holidays and how everybody needs something NOW kind of gets to me. Add to that the stress of running another business on top of this one, and geez... I guess I can get a little cranky at times.

But I think the real thread underneath the stress is really simple, and mostly my fault.

Let me explain.
I love what I do.
Absolutely LOVE it. It is what I was created to do. I feel it in my bones and it's such a great feeling. But I must admit, it's not always easy.
Sometimes a photographer spends so much time at their computer editing, processing orders and handling the day to day needs and wants of their clients that they forget to take care of their family and friends that so bless them and fill them up during the year. I'm guilty of it and really want to make more time for family and friends this year. I know that's the key to keeping that cup 1/2 full.

Then of course as a women, we take on the guilt of letting someone down and then really start to hate ourselves and then we eat and stuff ourselves physically to fill up an emotionally created hole that we are mostly responsible for. It's so stupid.

We then find ourselves, usually late at night, checking out Oprah's website for tips on helping ourselves feel better. Reading Dr. Oz and hoping we are watching the first 5 ingredients.


pathetic if you ask me.

Instead, next time, I'm "at that place", I shall try my personal "feel good" favorite. No, not Coors Lite. I'm talking about Finding Nemo, folks. Next time you are feeling down, pop in this DVD and just find yourself chuckling at Dory and her short term memory loss.

Would you like a Root Beer Float?
hee hee
Happy New Year!