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>the texas titans

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Teams are not my favorite thing to photograph. I mean, it's very difficult to get that many bodies positioned in just the right place, and get them all looking the same way, with similar attitudes. AND add our wonderful wind to the occassion and you may have me in the grumpiest mood.

But I love the individual part of it. I love it to pieces!

I just wanted to open up the online gallery to the TEXAS TITANS. This is the team my oldest plays on and they are raising money to go to WORLD and definitely needed some images for publication. (no offense, Mark. But thanks for admitting you really couldn't do this. I admit it. I can't coach softball worth a flip. I've got the sunflower spitting part down, no problem. But handling the emotions of all those girls? And getting them to actually play? Your job, thank you.)

If any of the parents of Titan Girls are interested in ordering, just click on the link above (their name) and it will take you to their online gallery. If you are interested in purchasing a custom designed team folio like I quickly threw together of my beautiful daughter, Kalyn, click HERE.

Thanks, TITANS! You did awesome!