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>oh, dear

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remember kyle and amanda from the fair a couple of weeks ago? They are getting married december 9th and we needed some "traditional esession" photographs for tradtional kind of stuff. The paper, grandma's desk, etc. Don't you just love the "glad to meet you" handshake above. I was laughing so hard when Kyle mentioned it. I was so concerned about other things, I didn't even notice it. And I was the one that should have! Don't worry, we got some other, good ones in there. And just because I can never take only traditional style photos, we played a bit. And these two are just the couple for that!

I love this chair! Kyle? Amanda? I know you read this blog, so here it is, in WRITING...

if you ever sale this chair, PLEASE call me! It's way cool. And it works great for quickies in the street. Portraits that is! HA!

And my personal favs from our session. Not sure why? I just think they are so cute and very reflective of the two of you! Thanks so much!