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>7th grade cooper homecoming

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Kalyn didn't have soccer practise for the first time in ages, so we took advantage for the Thursday night off and went to Cooper's 7th Grade Homecoming Game. I'm so glad we did! I ran into several new friends and many old ones, and Kalyn did, too! I took a few photos, although Boo took most of them. She's pretty good on the personality part of my job, engaging the subject and getting the best out of them. She just needs some fine tuning on the composition and focusing, and the girl could have a career in photography! Boo is our cousin and she's in Kalyn's grade. She grabbed my camera for a bit that night.

First off, St. Joseph is having the Sausage Festival this coming weekend and the Slatonite always features a front page story of the pre-activities. Ida Lee, Devin's grandmother made the front page, so Kalyn called her and congratulated on her 15 minutes of fame!

I tried to take some football photos, but it's much more difficult than soccer. Harder to anticipate just where they are going to go with the ball. After watching my girls play for years, it comes pretty easy, photographing soccer. Football, just a lucky thing I got what I managed to get.

The sunset was amazing that night! I love this shot of our neighbors house, Dereck and Jane Kitten. The live up the road and the clouds were AMAZING that night. I had a client apointment later on that evening, and really wanted to make the bonfire. But no such luck. I did come by at the end and stopped to take a few "burning embers". I'll be in Vegas this weekend, and no chance to see the games or the Sausagefest. Good Luck with a great turnout and a good score.