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>the blue smurf

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I can so relate to this smurf! Just look at him! The poor fellow, all blue and sweaty! It's a cup that I've had for years. It sits on the counter at Take One - Video. It's a store in Slaton that me and my husband own. It's a video store, so for years I've been known as the "video lady" and my kids, "the video babies". That's what folks in Slaton called us. So funny.

We opened TOV in Oct. of 1990 before we got married. It wasn't easy and looking back, if we had known how much work it would take, we probably wouldn't have jumped in so eagerly. But I love my store! I absolutely love it! It provides me with FREE expense of my guilty pleasure, movies. I love movies! I could sit on the couch and watch them all day. Before my kids were born, this is what I did.

I raised my kids at TOV before they started school. They worked with my while I poured my blood and sweat and tears into that place and I loved it. Having them with me at work was such a blessing! It was hard, yes. And I'm sure I wasn't happy all the time. But I wouldn't change it for the world. They can talk to folks easily, and they can count change back to people and know every Texas Lottery ticket known to man. Their first boss will love me for that counting change back. It's becoming a rare trait with our techno world and just believing what the register tells you.

I'm rambling.

Owning your own business is kind of like having a third child. You can hire workers, and good ones too, but you will always be chained to that child. Always connected. Always a part of you.

So, when my AM (assistant manager) Casey Lou, fell ill recently, I've had to step up to the plate and fill in. Take over duties I haven't done in FOREVER. Juggle work schedules and responsibilities that I've done before, but have pushed into the dark recesses of my brain. (scary place!) They are coming back slowly, but it's been hard.

And it's been very difficult for me to juggle TOV (acronymn for Take One Video) and my life. I have kids that I love very dearly that I put before the store and my photography and my life. I have a husband that if any of you know and love, will realize is a full time job in and of itself. He's a wonderful, stubborn, precious, hard working, not easy man. Whew!

I'm not sure why I'm posting this. Everyone has times in their lives that is difficult and hard and just plain not fun. It's part of our molding, building character, part of our walk with HIM. And I know "this too shall pass".

I guess I'm just pouring out my thoughts today so I can blog even though I haven't been able to create an image since forever ago and I'm feeling a bit dry and worn out. I need my camera. I need to create. I think that's why I hung up my "video lady" hat after 10 years, so I could fill up that part of my soul. That part of my being. And now that I'm wearing it again, it feels weird. Like it doesn't quite fit anymore. Like I've outgrown it perhaps.

I'll be glad when Casey is back. S ay a prayer for her today folks. She's "molding", too.

My camera went with me to work last week when I pullled a night shift for Dana, who is an employee that has been with us since the beginning. She was having a "molding" time last week when her computer from her full time job, crashed. Not stress. Thought I'd share a few.

We have the BEST popcorn! It's popped at just the right tempature with just the right consistancy of oil and kernals. And the oil is what makes it soooo yummy! Coconut oil is very expensive, but very creamy and buttery and just plain sick! I love it! When I quit working there full time and popping it, I swear I dropped 20 pounds. Which after working there again, I'm sure will quickly find my hips.

I have photos of my kids there. Not very recent ones, but like a "bus man's holiday", I don't have recent pictures of my kids anywere but my computer. Shameful.

I walked around a bit while shelving movies and took a few of my favorites. Movies that I have to watch at least once a year or so. I love good dialouge movies and these have the best scripts, or screen plays.

We still carry VHS's even though we are quickly selling them off and replacing them with DVD's. Hence the wierd looking boxes to some of you! Ancient, huh?

Enjoy your "molding" day, if you are having one!