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>spooky story night with the Hobsons

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Last night was too fun!

Kalyn's soccer team kicked off the fall season with a "ghost tour" party of downtown Lubbbock. The girls met for food and fun and then just when the sun was setting, the ghost stories started. Cyndy, Shannon's Mom, knows everything about anything that has to do with "stories" of Lubbock, and she did a wonderful job of thrills, chills and excitement. I even got a bit spooked in front of the Pioneer hotel. Several of the girls swear they saw "the Lady in White" on the 5th floor in her white flowing nightgown. I think I was too chicken to look!

Shannon, getting everyone in the mood with some "spooky" faces!

Bree, having a hard time listening to the "golden arm" story. She is soooo dramatic! Had me a bit spooked, too, just feeding off her nervous energy. Kaitlin was there to comfort her with the hand hold.

This is Shannon and Kalyn before the party. They played together on Texas Heat and now together with Lonestar.

The Oh-Great-One-spooky-story-teller! Well, done, Cyndy!

I noticed this little guy up on the roof before we began the tour. Fitting, huh?

We were trying to hear the "Arguing Guy" who designed and built this building in 1932.

Ahh....the Pioneer Hotel. The girls were looking for the Lady in White.

Window shopping downtown Lubbock.

The girl's listening for the homesless man's breathing. Some heard it, others didn't even try.