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>my heart hurts

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I cried so many times last night.

Grey's Anatomy premiered.

I loved every second. It didn't really answer any questions, and it evoked a ton of emotion in me, but I loved every minute! You'll have to comment below and let me know what you thought.

I was very upset that McDreamy got to slide on through this episode without a confrontation from Addison, that was so unfair. And at first I was annoyed by Finn, an obstacle from the hot scenes that the oogly eyes have for each other. ("I'm not looking at you." HA! ) But after last night's little speech about his hat being in the ring, I'm thinking the boy has enough passion for handling Meredith after all; and that's a good thing. It's going to take a ton of passion and "putting yourself out there" to win her heart. If it can be won. She is after all, avoiding anything like that right now.

Favorite scene... anything with Izzy. I love her. And I love that Alex is in love with her and plays the noble heart with her around. A noble heart, with crap attitude, but it still comes out once in a while and I'm fighting for these two to be together. I just think Izzy brings out the best in people.

Oh! And that scene with the body bag, (Denny) and Miranda? Gosh! That broke my heart for her. Despite the fact that she is letting someone else raise her child while she slaves away, or rather baby sits the interns, she won my heart a bit last night with her devotion to Omar. Of course if was "guilt devotion" for losing Denny, but hey...she won points all the same.

um...what else? Oh, yeah! How did Addison get the underwear if Derek never left the hospital? What was up with that? Any ideas?

Oh, and Christine and Burke? Definitely a crying scene when she showed up after and crawled/bawled in bed. I'm proud of her for becoming "human", but I hope they don't make her too human. I love her sarcasm.

Until next week...

Can't wait for next Thursday!