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Isnt' he just the most precious little thing? Oh, my! Levi was born today and I walked in to meet him just a mere 45 minutes after he was delivered via C-section and he was nursing! Wide awake and checking out his mother, Stephanie. It was so cool!

Levi joins 3 older brothers. (yes, Stephanie is the proud mamma of 4 boys!) and numerous cousins. I've lost count at this moment. But he is very much loved and very much a blessing.

Congratulations Stephanie and Nathan!

You can view more of Baby Levi HERE. It's only a "sneak peek" right now. Will have the rest up on the 20th.

look how amazing Stephanie looks! Seriously folks...this is a mere hour or two after delivery. I guess after 4 births, she's a pro, huh?