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>brandon + alisha

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How fun is this!

Today, my good friend Lauren and I, photographed a couple together. We recruited them with a free e-session ad and Alisha's sister saw the ad and called. At first I was a bit spectical, due to "site unseen" and not exactly sure how they would feel. I mean, 2 photographers shooting away, and you have no choice of where we are going and all? Wow! Guess these two are the "glass is half full" kind of people. I'm not sure if I would have done that?

But I'm so glad they did, because this was so much fun! And I'm dying to do it again! It such a great experience to photograph with another photographer. To shadow them and watch how the run the show. How they interact with their subject. Talk about shutter speeds and wide open shots. What iso are you using? Do you use a UV filter?

Brandon and Alisha were great through the entire thing. Even when we wanted to them to walk and sit where I"m sure a few varmants lived. No problem. Thongs and all.

Such a great day.

Let's do it next week, Lauren, wanna?