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the one where I talk about 9.11.01

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When I was little, I remember people talking about Kennedy and "where they were" when that happened. I guess, 911 is my Kennedy moment. I will always remember where I was. The track at Slaton HS walking with my girlfriends. Chirstine Kitten came walking up telling us some idiot flew a plane into a building on the coast. We were kinda laughing about it and making fun of the person, not really knowing what was going on. I mean, how could someone not see a building?

I felt a bit wierd when she said it though. At the time I couldn't put my finger on it, but later, looking back, I felt a bit uneasy. I didn't walk my full walk, and instead, got in my car and called my sister. Of course, the radio stations had the story going and by the time I got home, still on the phone with my sister, with the TV on, I watched them fall.

I think everyone can remember where they were when they fell.

It was such a shock. Such a tragedy. I hurt. And I was kind of scared. I wanted my kids. I wanted to hold them and hug them and make sure they were OK.

Even thinking about it now, I want to do the same thing. They are asleep in bed, but I hurt just thinking about how scary this world is, and how scary it might get.