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This will be brief and quick, but wanted everyone to know where I was over the weekend. We are on our annual Labor Day Warrior trip. We've been going strong for over 10 years, which is disbuted depending on who you talk too. But I've been going since Kalyn, my oldest was 2. It's so much fun to get together with these people and watch our kids grow and build memories. We always try to go down on Thursday and maybe get some sleep before the entire bunch hits. We stay at Waterfall Lodge which cooks us breakfast each and every morning, so we are pampered a bit, which is great when you are in the mountains.

We arrived late, almost 3:00 am Friday! Put the kids to bed and Devin and I stayed outside a bit to count the stars.

Devin will kill me for exposing this, but he doesn't read my blog anyway, so here it goes.

The man sleeps with a stuffed FOOTBALL. I'm not kidding. He even took it with him on our honeymoon. He swears it kept him from fumbling the ball during his football years in college. So, whatever. But here it is on our vacation. The girls think its funny and even goof around trying to play keep away. Sort of like a ritual now that he's had this thing for over 20 years.