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>they did!

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Erica and Sean were married last night at First Baptist Church in Lubbock, in what can only be described as a "beautiful" celebration. Yes, it could be described as a bit "over the top", but only because you have never really seen anything like it! But so beautiful because it reflected Erica so well.

The details tell the story, so look on.

Erica's theme was "peacocks" and you could find a little bit of them everywhere. From the flower arrangements at the reception to the corsages of the wedding party, the colors and their inspiration were there in all the details. I loved it! Yet it was so simple and lovely, you couldn't help but feel special just to be a part of it.

Yum! I love her shoes! How awesome are these?! Don't they just look like something to feel elegant and lovely in? So pretty and so dressy. Perfect for a girl getting married!

And the guys were not spared the details either! One Posh Place set them up as well! Looking fine with their lovely orhcids and feathers!

Erica's bouquet was a Masterpiece! Tiffany of One Posh Place did the flowers and she does amazing work! For unique, custom designed pieces, and for a one-of-a-kind feel to your event or wedding, she's the one to call. I've worked with her before at Becca and Erik's wedding in December, and Christiane and Jordan's wedding back in 04. Her colors just POP and the designs are so beautiful, you really can't go wrong.

This is Erica's mom above, and I just loved that she was there with the girl's getting ready and taking part in this part of the day. Her and Erica have been planning for over a year! She made all the bridesmaids dresses and, best of all, was the seamstress on the custom designed wedding gown! Her and Erica are a good team together.

The groom before the ceremony. Erica had given him a gift that I won't mention here, but he LOVED it!

I've done receptions before at The Merkett Alumni Center on Texas Tech's Campus and we did Erica's bridal session there, but I've never seen it look so ultra cool, like it did last night. It had a very lounge feel to it. Wonderful for conversations and small little "get togethers". And the band, who unfortunately I have no photographs of, played some wonderful jazz music that kept the spirits flowing.

You can view all of Erica and Sean's photographs by clicking HERE. Be sure and bookmark your page when you get there, as this blog changes daily!

Congratulations you two!