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>we started school this week

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hence, hardly any blogging.

Gosh, I need to call my Mom. I tried yesterday, to let her know how much I love her. How did she ever do it? What kept her from killing us softly in our sleep? Junior high kids are such walking, balls of emotions, it hard for a passionate person to hold their tongue let alone their hand, from slapping! Testing my patience Lord.

But after some serious prayers, I realize that I'm lucky. My children feel connected to me emotionally enough to share their wildest ranges of emotions.


All of it. Sometimes all at once. And they know that I will love them no matter what. No matter what they say, or do, or wear. I will love them. They are mine, I will love them.

Of course, I will keep them locked in their rooms for using that "tone of voice" with me, but still. I will love them through the door.

Here's my tired girls after school one day.

Kalyn is doing pretty good. She's been through this before and just pushes on. Juggles the homework, the annoying boys that poke you all the time, the rushing to and from class. She feels the pressure the first week of school, but quickly takes it in stride and by Friday, was doing and feeling great. (that 9PM bedtime comes pretty quick as does 7AM)

Now, Summer Zoe, on the other hand. Well, it's very good that they don't give much homework that first day of school in 5th grade. She's having some energy problems dealing with her day. Gosh, it's hard to be a 5th grader. I personlly think it's all the talking to her friends, that wears her down. HA!

Cheese Nips! A great way to do homework!