>sally + jared

I'm photographing Sally and Jared's wedding tomorrow and tonight was the rehearsal at Healthpoint. I've heard that this may be one of the last weddings there. You can use the place for receptions, but weddings, no more. Could be a rumor though, so don't quote me on that.

I always try to be at the rehearsals, if at all possible. It's just a great chance to meet everyone, get faces presses to short term memory and figure out where the best vantage point is for me. Healthpoint works great in that area, because the balcony allows you the freedom to move up, down and all around. Of course, tomorrow night will be totally different in that they expect 300 guests and will have only room for 115 on the floor.

Be sure and check back for the direct link to their gallery. Right now, it's protected, due to Sally's slammin' bridal session, but tomorrow night? All eyes can view and adore!

See you then.