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The girls after riding BATMAN
I LOVE this ride! Very smooth and cool and best of all, you go barefoot!

We took the kids to 6 Flags last week before we heading home from BIG D. Basketball was over, most sports are over. (especially thanks to Summer breaking her arm.) and it's that slow few weeks before school starts.

I'm glad though. I have 5 back to back weddings the month of August. BUSY.

I firmly believe that photographers are cursed when it comes to vacation photographs. We let our guard down and think that because we are "pros" are photographs will be amamzing. But when we get home and look at them, we think, "ugh! Anyone could have taken that."

Well, here are my "anyone could have taken that images" from our day trip to 6 Flags.

The Superman Ride was a BIG favorite with our family. Our girls will ride anything and that's great, cuz Momma won't! HA As much as I love the Titan, I can't do the Superman thing because of the height issue. I blame my Father and a trip to the Royal Gorge and the tender age of "I can't remember". I just remember this natural bridge and my Dad and his sinister grin. No, he didn't toss me over, but just the idea that he could did it for me. Heights are NOT my friend.

Anyway, Superman would thrust you up with such speed that things not sewn to your pocket would fall out with not where to go but down. You can see in the photo above all the change. We also spotted hats, combs, a shoe or two, even a body spray bottle.

I don't even have a photograph of my favorite ride, the Titan. It goes against my fear of heights, but the sheer idea of being thrust at 80 MPH down a 280 foot drop is enough for me. I loved it! I love it 2 years ago when we came and I love it now. We rode it 3 times as the lines were not too terribly awful. Overall a great day at the park. The longest wait was 35 minutes for Batman. (Check out the photograph below...the Sponge Bob Ride. So fun! Blasting pickels!)