>beth + martin

Martin Haddix and Beth Snell were married this weekend in a wonderful ceremony at a lovely church on Polk Street in Amarillo. The photograph above is of Beth during her bridal cermony that took place at the church on Polk. I drove up one day in April and loved the light in the small chapel. I knew I would repeat the same places with the couple which you will see below.

I payed close attention to details and faces during our short time together. Really enjoyed discovering fun things with the rings. Yes, we spent the day together, but the ceremony started at 7 PM and the reception was over by 10 PM. So, in such short amount of time, I had to move quickly. I worked really hard to capture all of the amazing details in that short amount of time.

The bridal luncheon was at this wonderful catering company, which was decorated very eclectic with hidden treasures every where you looked. I found a set of legal encyclopedias and made use of the bride's ring. Too cute!

This is Tina, the bride's friend, in town again from Florida. Can you say "Cavendar's Shopping Excursion"? While Beth, rested, Tina shopped!

Martin had a great face! Always full of character and just very welcoming.

John Wayne, guarding the bride's dress. HA!