This is Lexi. I met her Friday morning while photographing her mom, Haylee. She was a bit shy at first, but quickly came around the second she was placed in her new Easter Dress. Such a doll! She then warmed up for the camera and enjoyed her "modeling" moment.

I'm convinced that God forms us and knows us the 2nd he breathes life into our the womb. In knowing Haley, he gave her Lexi, a bright, vibrant, yet calm little girl who is every bit a G I R L. She could be bald, without a stitch of hair to throw into those cute piggies, and the minute you meet her, you know she's a girl. It's in the way she holds herself, the way she walks when her shoes tap the floor, the way she loves to sway the dress with the crinline. A definite "girly girl".

Heaven is definitely a little less bright without this precious doll.