the one with Michelle's favorites

I love the pictures of Chandler and Sydney whispering to each other at the park. I still remember asking them what they said and she said "I love you" and he said " you play ball like a girl". They were always so close and always had each other to play with, so this picture was a perfect example of brotherly/sisterly love.

I treasure the family picture (above) in our garage with the kids hanging all over us because that is keith and I . If they are not with us people comment that we look weird. Carter was born 6 days later so we captured the very last picture of our family of six just in time.

I love the recent pictures of Chan with the shirt in his mouth. He couldn't lose any teeth despite the fact that he was nine. He had his two front teeth knocked loose during a baseball game a few days before the shoot. His eyes are smiling perfectly despite the embarrassment over his teeth.

My favorite picture of Sydney is in our garage with the baseball and glove without her shoes. She is such a beautiful tomboy deluxe. This captures her beauty and athleticism all in one. This picture is so her.

I love the pictures of Libby with pig tail blowing bubbles. She has such a precious but mischeivious spirit.

I also love the way her little blue eyes radiate in the garage pictures with her new little bob. (had to get a bob becuase she cut her hair off)Her nickname is rattler because she is so ornery. I see precious and ornery in those little eyes.

One of my all time favorites is the picture of Emmy Sarah with her hands over her eyes. She loved to play peek a boo, and every time I walk by that picture on my dresser I hear that deep little giggle.

Oh my the pictures of Carter's 1 year just simply melt my heart. That crooked little smile (My Granddaddy's)with those melt my heart big brown eyes just make me cry. I love that picture because it captures his playful babyhood that will be too soon gone.... by the way I'm not sure how you captured it because he is such a mommy's boy.

Kristin; I love your photographs. I know they look so great because you love what you do. Our photo sessions with you are a breeze.. no poses, just doin what we do. I treasure all my photo books and love the cd's with music. I know when I'm, 60 and all my babies have moved out, I will sit and watch those and thank the Lord that I took the time to capture those precious moments of our lives. Your pictures are my treasures!