>technical difficulties



I felt an explanation was in order for all "glitches" this bloc has been experiencing. I've changed web hosting companies and my blog is having a bit of trouble in the move. Not all the images switched and since I'm not as computer efficient as I wish to be, I can't fix it....yet. (I'm waiting for some tech guy @ media catch to call me. Yeah, like that's gonna happen any time soon.)

My main reason for the switch is to prepare for a new way for you to view your photos. I've used photoreflect for years and as much as I like their hosting services, I had out grown their interface and needed a better way for clients to view their images. I hated how it doesn't blend in with my website and that the colors were not easily changed. Also, there just weren't that many features that allowed for other product, besides reprints to be offered to my clients. I needed a better way.

I searched, I found and in a few days, I will launch the new interface. The new PLACE for you to see all your amazing photographs. It will be bigger, better and brighter. But most of all, easier for you. (and me...I'm all about easy.)

Hang tight during the next few days while all the kinks get worked out and I will keep everyone up to date with links to their galleries until the change and interface is complete. Until then, enjoy these photographs of me. In the first one at the top of this post you can see my husband Devin. And no, we are not about to be hit by oncoming traffic. We were parked at a stop sign, waiting.