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More brides.

Meet Keri. I first met her at Jumping Java's over Christmas Vacation. Her family lives here, but Keri and her man, Josh, live in Illinois.

I was excited the minute she described her gown.

Not the oridinary and definitely not anything I've seen on anyone else. It was sexy, yet lovely, and simply shimmery and fun. Throw in a long veil and I was hooked! I could have photographed all day, and to Keri in a gown, it probably felt like it.

We photographed her bridal a few months before her April wedding. You can view the rest of Keri's session by clicking HERE.

Flowers: Geoff, College Flowers
Location: Again, the Watson Building and Broadway Bishop's Center
Dress: AMAZING! I love that's its not strapless and full. It's very "keri". I can't imagine her in anything esle.
Hairi: very nice. Yes, you can hate her. Her hair is naturally curly, thick and beautiful.

Keri, her mom, Becky and her sister Lauren.