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You meet people, they come into your life, you photograph them, and you go home. Eventually time marches all over your brain and you don't think about them again. Well, Nicole is not one of those you forget.

I met her at Joey and Amy's wedding in Ft. Worth. Her husband was in Joey's wedding, they grew up together and Nicole and Casey are best friends, lovers, husband and wife. Nicole is a giver, a sweetheart of a person that opens up her arms wide and welcomes you in! When I think of Texas Sweethearts? Nicole comes to mind. She's a true lady, yet so much fun!

Not to mention the fact that, JUST LOOK AT HER BODY IN THIS GOWN!

Oh, my...the girl totally ROCKS!

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Location: Caprock Winery, and secret ranch that I shall never disclose.
dress: private designer, who designed her gown for the Miss Texas pageant. (did I get that right Nicole?)

This is Nicole's Mom, Becky. If you would, when you look at this, say a prayer for Becky. Life throws you lemons sometimes, and she needs a bit of help making the lemonade. Love you, Nicloe!