the one with Sydni's 9th Birthday

cool ceiling @ RAVE Girl @ South Plains Mall

Oh, my!I just spent the better part of a Saturday in the presence of 10-12 nine year old girls with money.


We were rewarded with Olive Garden after or I would have refused to go. Despite the rain and almost floating down the access road to I27 in my Denali, it was a wonderful night. I don't get to spend much time with my good friend Keri and when our daughters get together,we enjoy it.

Sydni turned 9 on the 8th, but to celebrate such a tremendous occasion, she invited her favorite friends to shop with her at the mall. Did I mention this was the weekend before school started? Uh, yep...very crowded, yet lots of cute clothes! Oh, and the price on those cute jeans are about the same as the price on my cute jeans. Geez...I can't believe I'm raising two girls. I'll be broke by high school.

Things that are In:

  • chokers (necklaces) worn with any color that have flowers or butterflies on them
  • Shiny lip-gloss, especially when it's FREE with the purchase of an item at RAVE girl.
  • Napoleon Dynamite T-shirt and old style Bubble Gum Logo T-Shirts
  • Cute, cropped high sweat jackets with funky t-shirts and short, SHORT skirts. Hmm...wonder what you do when your legs get cold? tights perhaps? Not sure.
  • shiny, sequins purses in all kinds of amazing colors that Keri thinks looks stupid unless you are very dressed up. (shhhh... I'll come back when she's not with me and purchase the cute green one!)
  • Hillary Duff music played very loud while you try to tell a 9 year old that wearing a shirt with words "Blow Pop" is not a good idea for 4th grade.
  • "flow-ey", gaucho style pants that can't be found for less than $25 and then are worn with t-shirts or tank tops and flip flops
  • funky, furry or glittery pens that are HUGE and quite phallic looking (explain that word to a 9 year old too.)

the girls waiting for their table @ Olive Garden

yes! Lizzie McGuire Makeup! Oh, my...

Summer Zoe showing me her recent purchase


Sydni enjoying that FREE lip gloss