>Canon update


Some of you may have met my very sweet dog, Canon. You would totally remember if so. He's such a sweetie! Ahh, look at him here, saying hello to the Federal Express guy as he brings me my wonderful packages. Such a nice dog.
Well, I'm giving an update on his recent health. You may know that I broke his pelvis a few weeks ago and the poor pup underwent surgery as well as a shaved, pink butt, (just part of the procedure I was told). He didn't use the leg for quite some time, but now he's actually placing weight on it and jumping on everything just like he did before the accident. Much to Devin's (my husband), dismay. They've never actually gone through the bonding process. Not sure they will.

Anyway, Canon is on the road to recovery and doing fine. I urge all of you to harm your dog in some sort of fashion that you are not responsible for. Of course, it is tramatic, and emotional, (and I'm totally just teasing. PLEASE DO NOT SICK PETA ON ME!) but I must say, Canon does not chase cars and does not play in the drive way much. Now if we could only get him to poop in the cotton field, but that's another story.